Our challenge was to help Keune get their online presence up to par as quick as possible. Not only by giving the look & feel a fresh make-over, but also realising an online shop for both Salon owners and Consumers. The latter being unique situation for them.

We also introduced Be the Salon!. A concept with the potential far beyond a regular ‘search’.
Be the Salon! is a conversational search that gives Keune a tool to offer a helping hand to their various audiences online. Not only replying like a regular search but taking it a step further and ask questions back and offer them expert advice in the process. Just like in a Salon!
The concept helps Keune stand out as the expert in hair cosmetics, but also to create a bridge between online shopping and actual salon visits.

The result was a mobile first, pragmatic and modular website that leaves great room for creativity. Complementing Keune’s core values of being personal, having guts, be inspiring, an expert and stay true to themselves.
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