To help Audi Netherlands to introduce the all Audi A8, we developed a design system based on 'reveal' to facilitate them through all the different phases from announcement, reveal, configuration and finally sales. 
The design system was set up - without knowing what the exact content would be - in such a way, that during all these phases, the site could be updated with photo and video material. This without losing the aesthetics that comes with the A8. As well as showing and explaining all the new features and the technical details that was released in multiple steps.
A hundred specially selected 'hand raisers' were invited for exclusive events. They site was used to keep them personally informed through the entire introduction phase.
We also designed an Easter egg in the site a specially for movie fans. Before the official world premiere, the A8 appears in the Marvel blockbuster ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’. 
During the reveal phase, exclusive short Spider-Man clips were released. By pressing '8' or clicking the small Spider-Man icon that we placed in the footer, these clips would appear. Accompanied by the web-slinger himself.
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